Month: November 2012

Stay angry and stay tuned to HBOS hearing on Parliament TV

In case my banging on about Hornby and Stevenson is not setting the heather on fire…remember that they were among top executives who left HBOS with 6 figure redundancy payments and large pension funds while more than 40,000 employees lost their jobs and 2 million small shareholders lost their life savings. To say nothing of the billions HBOS owes taxpayers.

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Hornby and Stevenson: now time for rigorous cross-examining

Mark Monday and Tuesday (3 & 4 Dec) in your diaries. The Parliamentary Commission inquiry into the collapse of HBOS has summoned the two ex-CEOs, James Crosby and Andy Hornby and chairman Lord Stevenson to answer for themselves.

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At last, serious Quest for truth from HBOS top men

At last, four years after the collapse of HBOS someone is questioning some of the top men who ran the bank. This week the Parliamentary Commission has quizzed Mike Ellis and Phil Hodkinson, the two finance directors, and next week will call Anthony Hobson, the non-executive chair of the audit committee.

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The sign to the money museum

The Life of Brian

At Lennoxlove Book Festival I was asked if I was working on a follow-up book on the Royal Bank. I would like to but Ian Fraser, financial journalist, blogger and tireless tweeter has beaten me to it. What promises to be the definitive account of Scotland’s other great banking disaster will be published by Birlinn in 2013.

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