Month: December 2012

Why do only little people go to prison?

The big story in today’s papers is not Peter Cummings’ evidence to the Parliamentary Commission in which he lambasted the Financial Services Authority (FSA), even though that got most of the headlines. The remarks of Andrew Bailey, chief executive designate of the Prudential Regulation Authority, that banks have become too big to prosecute are much more significant, but less noticed.

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Lord Stevenson looking tired

Stevenson receives the coup de grâce

Evasive, repetitive, unrealistic. Unless my old newspaper instincts have deserted me that description by Andrew Tyrie of Lord Stevenson’s evidence to the Parliamentary Commission, is what will make the headlines. And the former HBOS-chairman will find it hard to outlive the label.

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Incompetence brought down HBOS, Crosby admits

What is the significance of the aggression with which the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards went for ex-HBOS chief executive James Crosby?

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