Month: January 2013

Separation of sales and risk is wrong

A venerable Bank of Scotland General Manager, now long retired, once told me that  Scottish bank managers looked deep into your soul and only when they were convinced you did not need the money would they agree to lend to you.

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Is there method in Lloyds madness?

Bizarrely Lloyds Banking Group has bought back into one of the companies it sold when it unloaded the former HBOS integrated finance portfolio in a £480 million deal in 2010.

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How service gave way to sales at the Bank of Scotland

When did Bank of Scotland begin the change from a predominantly service culture to one being predominantly driven by sales? In HUBRIS, I acknowledge that it was starting before the merger with Halifax, but new light has been shed by a reader – a former senior HR executive in the Bank, who dates it from the merging of Capital Bank into BoS.

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